Apollo Healthcare - A Mutual Wellness Initiative
About Us
Our Healthcare Roots Helped Us Grow Something Better.

Apollo Healthcare is an organization dedicated to bringing new healthcare funding and wellness strategies to mid-sized employers. Our organization is in a unique position in the group health insurance industry. There is not another Apollo.


For nearly thirty years, the team that founded Apollo Healthcare has served employers in the Southeast. Over the course of that time, we grew to understand healthcare benefits inside and out. We learned what worked. More importantly, we learned what didn’t.


Not satisfied with providing off-the-shelf products, we searched for new and innovative solutions with greater value to our clients – understanding that the high cost of healthcare wasn’t the problem; it was merely a symptom. The real problem was that the American healthcare system spends over 96% of its money treating problems and only 4% preventing them. We understand now that trying to fix people after they’re already sick isn’t working.


Eventually, we created a solution: A Mutual Wellness Initiative. As the name implies, this strategy is about a healthy joining of forces and creating a connection. Together with our Brokers and our Member companies we are making wellness and health insurance come together in a new way – one that can both enhance employee benefits and keep them affordable for years to come.


Offered Exclusively


Apollo Healthcare has aligned itself with a premier group of brokers who share our passion for wellness and sustainable healthcare costs. These brokers are among the most experienced and trusted in the industry and are authorized exclusively by Apollo to communicate and implement our program. Please complete the Contact page for more information on our Broker affiliates.