Apollo Healthcare - A Mutual Wellness Initiative
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Join an Exclusive Risk POll of Companies Who are a Step Ahead.

For companies in the Southeast with 50-750 employees, healthcare costs are simply unsustainable. Apollo Healthcare offers a patented product that provides a new strategy in employee health coverage. This product has some innovative features you won’t find in other health and wellness solutions.

WellCap - The safest self-funding option in healthcare


Apollo’s unique WellCap program limits each Member’s maximum plan costs to a level comparable to a fully insured option. At the same time, Apollo gives every Member the full capability in every plan year to capture dollar-for-dollar savings based on their claim reduction efforts. No other healthcare program in the marketplace can provide this combination.


Apollo Wellness - Extraordinary health management in A Select Risk pool


CHP (Corporate Health Partners) Apollo’s wellness affiliate, delivers a unique program featuring one-on-one, onsite coaching. CHP’s staff of passionate and knowledgeable health professionals creates personal relationships and accountability as part of the wellness coaching process – a technique grounded in behavioral psychology that has proven very effective in reducing health risks and healthcare costs.


By making a firm commitment to Wellness employers will gain access to a select risk pool populated by enlightened and pro-active companies. These companies share an ongoing commitment to a culture of healthy lifestyles and robust wellness engagement. As a member of this Mutual Wellness Initiative, your company can regain control of its health benefit costs.


Apollo Plan Services (APS) - A comprehensive, turnkey solution


Apollo’s plan services include access to the Provider Networks and Claim Administration services of all the major health carriers in addition to customized service and network access through several top Third Party Administrators. Continuity of Carrier Claims Service and Physician Network can offer a remarkably smooth transition for employers joining Apollo.